Seminar on “Muslim Minorities in Europe”

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Current Affairs Forum KIRKHS held a seminar talk on Wednesday, 1 March, 2017. The topic of the talk was “Muslim Minorities in Europe”. The speakers were Prof. Dietrich Jung of University of Southern Denmark, and Dr. Elmira Akhmetova of IIUM. The talk was held at HS Seminar Room, HS building, IIUM.

It was attended by students and faculty from various departments and fields. Dr. Dietrich talked of the issues facing Muslim minorities in Western Europe, namely Germany, the Scandinavian region, France and the UK, while Dr. Elmira spoke about the issues facing the Muslim minorities in Eastern part of Europe, namely the Balkans and in Russia.

The discussion was followed by a lengthy and lively Q&A session during which the speakers addressed the questions of the audience.