Current Affairs Forum February event on Rohingya Muslims

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Current Affairs Forum, KIRKHS, held its February event focusing on the Rohingya entitled, “Ethnic cleansing and Genocide of Rohingya Muslims: A cry for global conscience and humanity”.

The speakers included Dr. Moniruzzaman from Dept. of Political Science IIUM, Abdul Ghani Bin Abdul Rahman from Rohingya Society Malaysia (RSM), and Prof. Abdullah Al Ahsan from  Dept. of History and Civilisation, IIUM.

Dr. Moniruzzaman spoke on the role of nationalism and nation-building in the drive against the Rohingya and discussed various methodologies and ways to deal with the crisis of the Rohingya through an approach that would lead to the empowerment of the Rohingya and give them a voice in the decision making process. Abdul Ghani focused on the humanitarian aspects of the Rohingya crisis and spoke on the need for speaking up for the Rohingya and giving them a voice. Dr. Ahsan wrapped up the discussion, discussing the role of the OIC and the Muslim nations in the Rohingya issue, especially the role of Bangladesh, Malaysia and Myanmar in the current predicament of this oppressed stateless Muslim minority.
The program was held at the HS Seminar Room, HSbuilding, IIUM on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 from 5 – 7 pm. It was attended by students and faculty of the university, who participated in a Q&A session with the speakers.

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