Current Affairs event “Kashmir: Breaking the Silence”

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Current Affairs forum KIRKHS, held a program on Kashmir entitled “Kashmir: Breaking The Silence”, on Friday, October 14, 2016, from 3 pm-5pm, at ADM LT3, IIUM.

The speakers at the event were from varied backgrounds with expertise on the issue and bitter personal experiences to share with the audience. The speakers included Prof. Abdullah al-Ahsan, Dept. of History and Civilization, IIUM, Junaid Ahmed, an expert on the region from the organisation JUST, and M Kaiser and Muhammad Kashmiri, students who shared their personal experiences and their memories in Kashmir.

The program began with detailed, interactive and very lively presentations by the two students about the latest chronology of events of the crisis faced by Muslims in Kashmir, including eyewitness accounts, facts, statistics and the challenges to the covering of the issue in media and popular narrative.

Prof. Ahsan outlined the history of the unrest in Kashmir, focusing on the historic roots of the various conflicts surrounding the region, mainly between India and Pakistan, and the problem of the lack of self representation or self determination of the people of Kashmir. He also explained the various contexts of the current crisis in the region and outlined ways towards the future resolution. The final speaker, Junaid Ahmad of JUST, wrapped up the discussion by explaining the issue in regional context and in the context of the wider international global sphere.

The program was attended by students and faculty from various departments and nationalities, followed by a lively Q&A session. It was moderated by Dr. Khairil Izamin on behalf of the Current Affairs Forum.


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